The Proper Use of Moisture Meters Part 2 (Recorded Webinar)

The Proper Use of Moisture Meters Part 2 (Recorded Webinar) 


Join us for part two of “The Proper Use of Moisture Meters,” a live webinar where hands on learning meets online training. This one hour class will cover the following topics, along with a live concrete drying demonstration:


  • The basics of water characteristics and consequences, including the characteristics of water and why they are important
  • Hygroscopic & secondary damage
  • Definitions, Categories, Classes of water and their application as defined by the IICRC
  • The Science of Drying and understanding Psychrometrics
  • Pyschrometry and how to use of the Psychrometric chart


About the instructor Chuck Boutall:  

After selling the successful Air Quest Systems — a well-known manufacturer of custom desiccant dehumidifiers, large refrigerant dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners, Chuck has turned his attention to training others how to utilize “big” equipment for “big” jobs. Chuck is a down to earth type fellow with vast knowledge and education. He is a super hands on instructor. If you have a question about drying anything, ask Chuck! Chuck has been a speaker at the Dri-Eaz Restorative Drying Symposiums, the Water Loss Institute, ASCR National, Connections East and West since 2011, SCRIA 2012 thru 2015, and DRC Canada. He has dried over a million square feet of structure, hundreds of thousands of books and documents and designed permanent systems for various manufacturing and storage projects over his 20 year career as an Application Engineer. Chuck graduated from college as an Electrical Engineer. His career spanned many years with large well known named companies before building Air Quest Systems from the ground up.  In addition, Chuck is a contributing author to the new S500.


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The Proper Use of Moisture Meters Part 2 (Recorded Webinar)

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